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Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush hack Cheats Android,IOS

Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush hack

As other Android and iOS games, there are hack tools and cheat codes available for Thunderbirds as well . However, downloading and installing hack tools from unauthorized sites can make your device vulnerable to a virus attack. Hence, the best way to hack this game is to make use of cheat codes. Cheat codes are basically the codes that have been designed by the developers to go through the game quickly and check if every stage is in order. You can use these cheat codes to your advantage by downloading Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush hack

Access Below Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush Hack Tool:

Coming back to the point discussed before, the game has a strong reliance on its solid storyline. That is why every mission is designed specifically. Just like a piece of a puzzle. Every stage has a purpose which will give you more insight regarding the bigger picture.

Features Of Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush Hack Tool:

One of the major strengths of this reprisal is that it has a pretty solid storyline. The plot is designed in such a way that it feels like a TV show. As you make progress within the game, new secrets unfold as you start to make sense of the events that have transpired. Those who are familiar with the Thunderbirds saga, are aware of the organization’s age old enemy, The Hood. The Hood is comprised of a bunch of trouble makers whose sole purpose is to cause destruction and mischief around the world. And as keepers of the law, it is your job to stop them.

There are six playable characters to choose from. The Tracey brothers have been ever-present in the series whereas this time around, we saw the introduction of a new character, Kayo. Kayo is an ally to the Tracey brothers who helps them on their missions.

You can use cheat codes to buy all the weapons and gems that you might need by Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush hack . All in game levels can also be unlocked simply with the use of the right cheat code. These codes can also be used to get coins which are required for buying many of the in game purchases. Some of the key cheat codes of Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush cheats are as follows:

  • HCYR#pq82Y_U8wj5

Using this cheat code allows you to add 10,000 coins to your profile

  • ZGSDU(8276D)#83j

This code allows you to add 150,000 gems to your profile

  • 2615ZPIB#UF(63UUY)

This code will unlock all the weapons

  • YCG726(FTYSD)

Whereas, this code will enable you to unlock all the levels in the game

Using these aforementioned cheat codes from Thunderbirds Are Go Team Rush cheats, you can enjoy all that this fantastic game has to offer without having to a dime of the real money from your pocket. Also, using cheat codes to hack your game does not require any game reinstallation so you don’t have to worry about the loss of saved data.

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About The Game

Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is a reprisal of the Thunderbirds games that has been launched by Mini-Clips for both the android and the iOS platforms. This re-launch of the classic game retains all the important themes from the past while adding new graphics technology, animations, soundtracks and other neat features. For those who are unaware, in the game Thunderbirds are an organization that specialize in International Rescue Missions.

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