Saturday , August 15 2020

Mekorama Hack & Cheats Tool For Android,IOS 2018

Mekorama Hack

Unlike other games where you might be needing unlimited money, weapons, fuel and ammunition to succeed, for Mekorama you only need hints to decide what your next move should be. There is a certain limit within which you can acquire the hints in order to complete a level. However, if there is Mekorama Hack Tool available on the internet which allows you to do much more than that. Available on the ‘AppGameCheats’ website, Mekorama cheats tool is available for both, the iOS and the Android platform. No jailbreaking or rooting is required with this tool. Just download and double tap on the file to open it up. The menu is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is to select the operating system and then enter 100 against the Hints column. After that simply click start to begin the hack.

Access Mekorama Hack Tool

In Mekorama, the players have to maneuver a small robot around the maze in order to reach its final destination. In between you come across different obstacles in the form of stairways and bridges. As this is a physics based game, you need to apply the laws of physics in real-time and maneuver your robot accordingly.

Features Of This Mekorama Hack Tool

Mekorama is a very intriguing game. It allows the user to interact with the obstacles within the game. You have to control you robot and the 3D view allows you to pan the camera angle so that you can have a complete visual of all that obstacles around you. In order to solve these puzzles you need good timing and proper sequencing in order to proceed further. There are other several engaging features of this Mekorama Hack Tool that make it such a productive time pass. Next time you visit the App Store, make sure to give this game a try. I am sure you will find it well worth your while.

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About The Game

Now a days, we see that people love to play fast paced action games that are loaded with explosions and cars and what not. We prefer crisp and clear graphics with amazing soundtracks. We are attracted by all the pomp and show. However, there are some other games out there that operate on a whole different level. Instead of the blood stained arenas, you find yourself immersed in a calm and soothing environment. Soft music playing in the background as you try to decipher the secrets of a puzzle. This can prove to be a relaxing distraction from all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. This is why we have chosen to discuss Mekorama Cheats Tool as our topic of discussion today.



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